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Tone2 Gladiator2 Expanded: prezzo Informatica
Tone2 Gladiator2 Expanded

Tone2 Gladiator2 Expanded, Virtual Synthesizer (Box), Flexible sound generation with Harmonic Content Morphing Synthesis, Oscillators with far-reaching possibilities: Tone2 Gladiator2 Expanded Disponibile

€ 161,00Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 181,00
Office Professional 2016 PKL (fino a 4 licenze): prezzo Informatica
Office Professional 2016 PKL (fino a 4 licenze)

Con office 2016 è ancora piu' facile sfruttare la potenza delle applicazioni office per creare, aprire, modificare e salvare i file nel cloud dal desktop, in modo da potervi Office Professional 2016 PKL (fino a 4 licenze) Disponibile

€ 490,92Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 490,92
Zyxel E-iCard ZyWALL IPSec VPN Client - 10 Pack: prezzo Informatica
Zyxel E-iCard ZyWALL IPSec VPN Client - 10 Pack

ZyXEL E-iCard ZyWALL IPSec VPN Client - 10 Pack, Windows VISTA Windows XP Windows 2000 Zyxel E-iCard ZyWALL IPSec VPN Client - 10 Pack Disponibile

€ 649,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 649,00
Tell me more 9.0. Spagnolo. Livello 3 (avanzato). CD-ROM: prezzo Informatica
€ 63,75Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 63,75
Softube Acoustic Feedback: prezzo Informatica
Softube Acoustic Feedback

Softube Acoustic Feedback, Guitar Effect Plug-in Bundle (Download), Realistic simulation of guitar feedback, responds directly to vibrato, bends, slides, tremolo, etc., Softube Acoustic Feedback Disponibile

€ 80,00Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 100,00
Prodipe Piano Scores Unlimited V1: prezzo Informatica
Prodipe Piano Scores Unlimited V1

Prodipe Piano Scores Unlimited V1, Notation software, Includes 630 classical music notations sorted by difficulty, 2500 Printable pages, 26 Hours of music, With MP3 export Prodipe Piano Scores Unlimited V1 Disponibile

€ 54,00Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 74,00
Klemm Music Deutscher Liederschatz: prezzo Informatica
Klemm Music Deutscher Liederschatz

Klemm Music Deutscher Liederschatz, Song Collection on DVD, 250 Folk songs in German on DVD, 7,500 Professionally set final music scores and voices for listening, printing, Klemm Music Deutscher Liederschatz Disponibile

€ 30,00Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 50,00
VSL Vienna Suite: prezzo Informatica
VSL Vienna Suite

VSL Vienna Suite, Effect Plug-In Collection, For audio editing from mix to mastering, Includes convolution reverb, equaliser, master equaliser, limiter, compressor, multiband VSL Vienna Suite Disponibile

€ 389,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 389,00
Avid Sibelius Ultimate: prezzo Informatica
Avid Sibelius Ultimate

Avid Ultimate, Notations Software, Activation for two workstations, Task-oriented user interface, Professional sound library (36 GB), Native 64-Bit notation software, VST Avid Sibelius Ultimate Disponibile

€ 598,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 598,00
Roland DT-1 V-Drum Tutor: prezzo Informatica
Roland DT-1 V-Drum Tutor

Roland DT-1 V-Drum Tutor, Software, Learn to play the drums step-by-step, Reading with notation screen, 60 Preset Songs and 57 basic drum patterns, Notation and playing pages Roland DT-1 V-Drum Tutor Disponibile

€ 47,00Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 67,00
Best Service Galaxy II: prezzo Informatica
Best Service Galaxy II

Best Service Galaxy II, Virtual Piano, Contains three sampled grand pianos, Galaxy Steinway 5.1: Steinway D from the Galaxy Studios in Belgium - in surround and stereo Best Service Galaxy II Disponibile

€ 252,00Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 272,00
Avid Pro Tools Ultimate UG Reinst.: prezzo Informatica
Avid Pro Tools Ultimate UG Reinst.

Avid Pro Tools HD Upgrade Reinstate, Pro Tools HD Upgrade and Support Plan Reinstatement (Box), For owners of Avid Pro Tools HD licenses starting with version 9 without an Avid Pro Tools Ultimate UG Reinst. Disponibile

€ 990,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 990,00
Zynaptiq Unveil: prezzo Informatica
Zynaptiq Unveil

Zynaptiq Unveil, Audio Restoration Plugin, Regulates or removes reverberation in finished recordings in real time, Various applications for restoration, film mixing, sampling Zynaptiq Unveil Disponibile

€ 354,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 354,00
IK Multimedia AmpliTube MAX: prezzo Informatica
IK Multimedia AmpliTube MAX

IK Multimedia AmpliTube MAX, Guitar Effects Software / Plugin, Effects package for guitarists with a huge selection of virtual amplifiers, cabinets, pedals etc., Six separate IK Multimedia AmpliTube MAX Disponibile

€ 555,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 555,00
Avid Pro Tools Upgr & Support (EDU): prezzo Informatica
Avid Pro Tools Upgr & Support (EDU)

Avid Pro Tools Upgrade Support Edu, Individual Licence - 12 months EDU only for teachers and students@+ *ATTENTION!* EDU credentials Avid: EDU versions are available to Avid Pro Tools Upgr & Support (EDU) Disponibile

€ 104,00Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 124,00

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