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Alan MA 31-L: prezzo Elettronica
Alan MA 31-L

Alan MA 31-L, Headset, For security purposes, Ear plugs transparent with coiled cable, Clip on mic, Angled duo jack plug 3.5/ 2.5 mm for LPD and PMR devices, e.g. ALAN G5 Alan MA 31-L Disponibile

€ 22,90Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 42,90
MIDLAND Radio ricetrasmittente portatile LPD PMR Midland G7 Pro C1090.03: prezzo Elettronica
€ 79,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 79,00
Ultimate Spider-Man. 2 Walkie Talkie A Forma di Maschera: prezzo Elettronica
€ 19,44Spese: € 2,80Prezzo Totale: € 22,24
Albrecht Tectalk Pro XL: prezzo Elettronica
Albrecht Tectalk Pro XL

Albrecht Tectalk Pro XL, Compact and professional Intercom Handheld Transceiver, 8 Channels, Intercom function, Up to 5 km range, LCD Display, Battery status indicator, 500 Albrecht Tectalk Pro XL Disponibile

€ 116,00Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 136,00
Midland G5 C Case Set: prezzo Elettronica
Midland G5 C Case Set

Midland G5 C Case Set, Intercom Set, By Alan Electronics, Consisting of 2x handheld transceivers, Colour: black, 8 Channels, Hands free VOX function, Intercom function, Midland G5 C Case Set Disponibile

€ 89,00Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 109,00
Midland G7 Pro Case Set 4: prezzo Elettronica
Midland G7 Pro Case Set 4

Midland G7 Pro Case Set 4, Intercom Case Set, By Alan Electronics, Comprising 4x Dual Band LPD/PMR handheld transceivers for professional and recreational use, Colour: Black, Midland G7 Pro Case Set 4 Disponibile

€ 344,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 344,00
Alan BP 4522: prezzo Elettronica
Alan BP 4522

Alan BP 4522, Battery Pack, For Alan HP 450, 2200 mAh@+*Note on disposal:*@+@+Check your local laws and regulations for the proper disposal of batteries in your country. The Alan BP 4522 Disponibile

€ 59,00Spese: € 20,00Prezzo Totale: € 79,00
Sennheiser EK 2000 IEM GW G-Band: prezzo Elettronica
Sennheiser EK 2000 IEM GW G-Band

Sennheiser EK 2000 IEM GW G-Band, Pocket receiver for IEM 2000 G3 systems, 75 MHz switching bandwidth, 26 Banks of up to 32 frequencies, Limiter, 2x 1.5 volt AA, 3.5 Jack Sennheiser EK 2000 IEM GW G-Band Disponibile

€ 666,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 666,00
Motorola Radio PMR portatile Motorola XT 420 188218: prezzo Elettronica
€ 205,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 205,00
MIDLAND Radio PMR portatile Midland G15 C1127: prezzo Elettronica
€ 115,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 115,00
ALBRECHT Radio PMR portatile Albrecht Tectalk Worker 29830 Kit da 2: prezzo Elettronica
€ 129,00Spese: € 0,00Prezzo Totale: € 129,00